Monday, 18 July 2011


In Malaysia, mobile learning has started to be known and accepted by Malaysians. Mobile learning began to be used and applied at the higher education centres in Malaysia, such as Open University Malaysia, University Sains Malaysia, Universiti Technology MARA, and others.
According to Karimuddin (2008), “It was estimated that 90 percent of the population of 27 million Malaysians subcribe to mobile phone services, compared to 16 percent having fixed line and Malaysia has the second largest mobile penetration in South East, behind Singapore. Almost every learner in higher education can be seen to have a mobile phone.
Abas, Z. W,. Loi Peng, C,. Mansor, N. (2009) said that “Most Malaysian consider mobile phones a necessity. It can be observed that mobile phone services providers are continuously trying to gain increasing market share by offering very competitive rates for calls and short text messages or shot message service (SMS) in order to get customers to switch from one mobile phone operator to another. Is was also reported that10 billion text messages were sent during 2006”.
According to Abas, Z. W,. Lim, T,. Mohamad, N. (2010) stated that “over 13,000 OUM learners enrolled in ten courses have benifited from mobile learning since its pilot in May 2009. Learners have expressed that the SMSes have helped them manage their learning better and kept them focused on their course. M-learning through SMS is flexible, timely and effective if designed right”.

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